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Description: You must fill out a "4473 form" here at our shop before you have a gun transfered here. Open hours are:10:30AM to 4PM. Please call for more info. We have new and used guns in stock. We sight in rifles and handguns on paper outside. We transfer (receive) guns for a fee of $35.00. We offer animal calls of many sorts, decoy owls, crows, 3-D deer, decoy ducks and turkeys; which for duel purpose also can be used for lawn ornaments; archery products like long bows, compound bows, crossbows, arrows and accessories are also for sale; books, gifts, pictures and lamps of your choice; paper targets, rifle scopes, cleaning kits, and yes and of course your favorite firearm and ammo for sport. Stop by and ask us to sight-in your rifle or handgun for $25.00 during store hours on the spot. $25.00
Medomak River Trading Post

Washington, ME